Meldrum Foundation would like to thank our generous staff members and clients who donated to our easter egg drive for 2023. Annually, we collect Easter eggs in the weeks leading up to Easter and donate them to local charities.

Half of our donations allowed us to give to those who need it most, such as young carers, through Caring for Carers charity. Supporting the children between 5 – 16 whose lives are affected by living with someone who is ill, experiencing mental illness, has a disability or has support with addiction.

The other half of our donations went to St Oswald’s Hospice in Gosforth. “St Oswald’s Hospice is a charity rooted in the North East. We provide outstanding, specialist and expert care to adults and children with life-limiting conditions.”

Cheryl James, HR & Marketing Director at Meldrum Group and Chair of Meldrum Foundation said: “It’s a pleasure that we can continue to support people in our local community, thanks to the culture cultivated within the Meldrum Group through the Meldrum Foundation. This small act of kindness is a testament to our people living and breathing our core values. Integrity, innovation, quality, and pride & passion.”

Susan Metcalf, Meldrum Foundation Board Member said: “When I dropped the eggs at Caring for Carers they were busy with a cooking activity. The children I met were pretty amazing and what they have to contend with every day, looking after parents/siblings and how selfless they are is inspiring.

I think the charity has about 500 children on their books at the moment and the charity do so many activities with them. They were so delighted, excited, and appreciative for the eggs. Thank you to all who organised.”

Whilst Beth Gregan, Family and Bereavement Practitioner (Children’s Lead) from St Oswald’s Hospice commented: “Our Children were delighted with their Easter Eggs. We held Easter groups over the half-term holidays, so it was a lovely treat for them. Especially with Mother’s Day being so recent and now Easter, some children are feeling their grief more right now.

To find out more about St Oswald’s Hospice, please visit their website at and if you would like to make a donation, please visit make-a-donation.”

At Meldrum, we take great pride in the community and urge you to get involved where you can.