Grassholme Reservoir – Flood protection and Amenity Area works

This project involved the modifications to the existing Grassholme Reservoir and construction of new clean water asset management infrastructure elements. In general, we are providing works to assist NWG in mitigating against extreme flooding and increasing the resilience of existing dam infrastructure whilst providing leisure facility improvements.

Works included:

  • Friction piling installation to the existing Dam Crest to assist control of axial, horizontal and tension loads whilst taking into account site specific criteria.
  • Raising Southern and Northern Spillway Walls through the installation of Pre-Cast Concrete Units including associated drilling, bar reinforcement installation, water bar application and grouting of units
  • Lowering of Existing Southern Weir wall including breaking out of existing structure, preparation of surface, bar reinforcement and formwork joinery installation, installation of concrete foundation slab, fixing of Pre-Cast Concrete Units including waterbar application, grouting of units and installation of secondary reinforced concrete support slab
  • Works to the Northern Spillway Tumble Bay and installation of reinforced concrete floor slabs and associated joint detailing
  • Creation of new fishing and sailing amenity areas including installation of new angler beaches, in-situ concrete fishing platform, pedestrian access ramps, new boat storage areas, new boat launching beach and ramp and expansion and reinstatement of tarmacked public parking facilities.






Contract – NEC