Meldrum Fire Engineering completed the installation of fire protection within the roof void of Darlington Manor. These critical measures, ensure that the roof fire compartment has been maintained to 30 minutes of fire integrity and 30 minutes of thermal insulation.

Meldrum Fire Engineering work closely with the product manufacturer and the local fire brigade officer, to ensure high quality and compliance was maintained at all times. Following several inspections, carried out by the manufacturer and TBA Protective Technologies Ltd, the roof void was handed back over to the client.

This installation allowed for the trial of an innovative new product/system. FIREFLY® FB180 Ablative Batt – 60mm Wall System was installed to the difficult atrium area. This was safety critical due to access constraints.

The FB180 system allowed us to provide a single-layer EI30:E30 fire-rated compartmentation wall, whilst ensuring the safety of our operatives.

We’re pleased to have made a positive impact by upgrading the Care Home’s safety measures.

Our efforts have been very well received, as seen in the feedback below.

Client Feedback

“Meldrum has recently carried out some extensive work here at Darlington Manor Care Home, your employees that worked on site were fantastic.

They interacted with not only my staff but my residents daily they were very respectful and very thoughtful, one not sure of his name bought a resident a bunch of tulips which brightened her day. They also worked with the staff daily to ensure they were not causing any issues.

The feedback I have received from the staff was of the highest praise, they were very aware of the environment and considerate they kept the area they were working in, clean and safe at all times, and each day they left the building clean and tidy. If you could please pass this on to all your employees, I would be grateful.”

– Sam Young, Manager, Darlington Manor






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